cell phone stuff is so complicated how do you people do it?

therapists are good people

Sometimes i am sad and sometimes i am not


white americans: ummmmmm slavery was so long ago don’t you think we should put it behind us?????? lmao (:
white americans: 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!! PEarL HARBOR!!!!!1!!!!!!! nEVER FORGET!!!!!!!?!

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Brendan Fernandes

From The Working Move


The Working Move is a two-part project consisting of a live performance and photographic installation. The work is inspired by Ballet movement vocabularies that relate to labor and endurance. The Working Move is informed by the histories of avant-garde dance and its relationship to visual art. In the work, movements are constructed to depict dancers interacting directly with a collection of plinths - these minimalist structures serve alternately as set, a supportive prop or an unwieldy burden. The live performance is set within the context of a rehearsal where dancers perform while taking instruction from a director regarding how to make the movements. The fourth wall is broken and the dance will stop and restart as the director leads and creates the dance. Through this project I am making further reference to my past research on museum display technique as it relates to the “othered culture.” The dancers will dance and move with the apparatuses that display museum “artifacts” (plinths, hooks, stands). The body becomes a stand-in for the “artifact.” Through this project I explore the body’s status as a commodity via the theory of value, specifically looking at the dancer’s body as a place of creation that is also taxed when in the process of performing.

The Working Move is a live performance conceived and choreographed by Brendan Fernandes, co-choreographed by Justine Chambers, and originally danced by Cody Cox, Carolynn Fisher, Zoe Nichele, Diego Romero and Sophia Wolfe, with music performed by Zabelita Fraser. Produced by the Western Front Society, Vancouver, BC with the support of EDAM Dance, The Deux Mille Foundation and the Hamber Foundation.

Live Performance Trailer

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YourDaftHero - Astray (Red Frame) [Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga // Remix]

Not complacent with my placement 
Debating whether I prefer that head or green faces
Escapes and chases, no kings or queen, but aces
Packed by double, better hustle just to get a chance with

Twin brass knuckle bite and stick, a shuffle melee
An ISIS execution just for kicks when on my Pele
Plethora of paydays, Daft brings the dismay
Ixnay on the ugsdray, no need when beats lay slain

A rad rebel with a single cause
Catch the sinners slipping strike lightning clips with no pause
All applause, give me love, fuck the law, I want ‘em all
Blood along the sand, time will tell how long I’ll have to crawl

Scheming thief of always, nice of you to join moi
See my chalice melded from the rings of widow bourgeois
What the fuck you mean eating?
Scrapping dimes for subs while all I do is feast in Eden

Murder she might have written but it’s what I utter
So I never stutter, it’s just sanguine my brother
Get ‘em all, get ‘em all, rip ‘em from each other
No tears for dead pigs, send the badges to their mothers

Maker grant me peace though, this verbal reap is easy mode
A la carte every word, order lines by the nose
Habits with no patterns, lying when I say you matter
Pounds of powder for the headache with those boys whom getting sadder

I don’t reminisce, but the remnants can stay mum like mentions
Fuck your crew with my word pool as the whirl pulls from extendeds
So tempted to blend in, but I stand out, exempted
Cept when I’m feeling courteous to show up and unmend them

Arsenal with the wick lit
You aren’t with it, better get bent
My crown thorny and my hands pinned
I don’t do friends, I just do sins

Fumes flowing, tips toeing 
Hounds out and the boys howling
If you around know how to act
Kawaii Gangs the new wolf pack

And we hotter than some hot boys
Gritty waves of motion when we tuned in to that white noise
Slaughter to leave nada, throw the verses in some lava
While I spit on grave of fathers, sipping on that Fiji water

Ooh Daft so devious, dead tyrant and deviant 
Please her with the word of mouth and then I get to leaving ‘em 
So shout out to taylorswift
Lemme slide through your inbox so I can give you this dick

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang


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The Singles Club with Mish Way: Breakbeast by Babeo Baggins Music Video Premiere!

Like a modern day Spice Girls (but with a clearer feminist vision and DIY roots), Barf Troop is a project I can really get behind. Not only do these girls rap fearlessly, but they are pushing the boundaries of how mainstream music can exist in subcultural means.

“Barf Troop is all about girl power, but not only that. Barf troop is for everyone who feels a little strange, or nerdy, for anyone who has weird ideas and stays up late watching too many weird movies and downloading too much underground music. Barf troop is for EVERYONE who stands up for themselves and are proud to be who they are—no matter who they are.”

Hi new followers!!! I reached a crazy mark I have 10k now!! Thank you for following me and it hope you enjoy your stay however long it may be! But I only have this blog for one reason, I’m a female rapper in the all female rap group
 !!! Check us out if you haven’t :) this is my latest music video!! Thank you so much 💓

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